The Friman Ambrosini Vicens Trio was founded in the Spring of 2018 when Anna Maria Friman (voice and hardanger fiddle), Catalina Vicens (organetto and percussion) and Marco Ambrosini (nyckelharpa and jew’s harp) came together as a trio in Studio Katharco in Germany for a few days making music together. The musicians, who had performed together in different constellations before the trio started, share their fascination for a broad musical experience where folk, improvisation, medieval/renaissance and contemporary music meet.


Since the first time the three of us met, with no other purpose than to create together, bringing our instruments with all the musical backgrounds we have and just let them melt and surprise us, has been so important for us as a musicians and persons.

We still remember that first meeting in a remote town in Germany, no plan, no program in mind.

Sitting around a table and talked, had tea, and said, let’s just make music. 

So it has been.


Photo by Mirosław Chudy, Musica Divina Krakow, 2019